Searching for the perfect vintage cut diamond?

Antique cut diamonds are highly sought after today for their beautiful, romantic appearance. We carry a full range of vintage cut diamonds from the desirable antique cushion; to the broad facets of old European cuts, to the artistic rose cuts.

We advise all buyers to recognize, there is no set standard for vintage cut diamonds. Just because a vintage cut diamond contains a grading certificate doesn’t guarantee its value or its beauty. We encourage all clients to visit our San Diego store to visually compare several vintage cut diamonds side-by-side and make an informed buying decision.

Below is a short list of the antique diamond cuts available in our San Diego Store.


Traditionally known as Old Mine Cut (omc) or Old Mine Brilliant (omb) diamonds. This diamond cut has a high crown, a small table size, large or flat culet, and beautiful chunky facets. Antique cushions can possess a squarish appearance with rounded corners, or a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Circa 1700’s.


Similar to the Old Mine Cut, but more circular in its shape. Old European Cut Diamonds showcase a high crown angle, a small table size, and a small to large open culet. The majority of Old European Cut diamonds show warmth in color, a broad facet pattern, and old-world charm. Circa 1820’s.


The classic rose cut diamond has a flat base and a crown composed of triangular facets, usually 12-24, in symmetrical arrangement, which rise to form a point. They are usually circular in shape although other shapes are often used. Popular amongst the modern bride who is searching for antique diamonds that offer a big look, subtle brilliance, and unique character. Circa 1520’s.