Comfortable, Authentic and Refreshingly Human.

WE GET IT. Buying jewelry can be stressful. Armed guards, bright lights, and impersonal glass cases are typical. And choosing the right piece of jewelry is an intimate decision requiring anything but a typical experience.

That's why our human-centric studio space, honest approach to pricing, nuanced understanding of diamonds and unwavering commitment to lifelong service makes us the comfortable, personal, and above all else refreshingly human choice for your jewelry needs.

Our Philosophy is Simple. SELL LESS. CARE MORE.

This philosophy has inspired us to challenge every aspect of traditional retail jewelry while staying true to our nearly 40 years of uncompromising service and unparalleled design.


It is TRANSPARENT PRICING. Being authentic means being true. And there is no area where we take truthfulness more seriously than in our pricing. That's why we're sure you'll find the conversation pleasantly open and easy.

It is HONEST GUIDANCE. Whether it's recommending a less expensive piece because we believe it's a better expression of you, or candidly discussing the ethical concerns of a particular diamond, we'll always put people before profits and the relationship before the sale.

It is A HUMAN APPROACH. Because we know what matters most to people when buying jewelry. Which is why we've stripped away the physical and emotional barriers of traditional retail and replaced them with a beautiful, relaxing, and uniquely human experience.


It is our DIAMOND DNA. Our roots in the South African diamond trade means our reach and reputation extends beyond local geography, giving us the credibility and insider connections to source the finest, non-conflict diamonds from around the globe. And our expertise with diamonds goes far beyond the 4Cs or simple certifications, and into the expertly nuanced understanding of beauty and desirability that can only come from our South African heritage.

It is our DESIGNER RELATIONSHIPS. Being an expert doesn’t mean doing everything. It means doing a few things exceptionally well. That’s why we’ve chosen to carry only the designers that we have personal relationships with—giving us the expertise to understand each designers offerings intimately and better match those pieces to you.

It is our VINTAGE AND ESTATE CONNECTIONS. We have built a unique and trusted network of buyers and sellers, giving us the ability to connect people with timeless vintage and estate pieces outside of traditional retail channels. So whether you’re buying or selling, we have the expertise and connections to make it happen.

We believe in TRUST.

With a culture and philosophy that prioritizes relationships over sales, its only natural that our commitment to you extends well beyond the purchase. From your first visit, you’re welcomed as part of our family and we continue to support you as family throughout your lifetime. Whether it’s an emergency repair, an impromptu cleaning, or you’ve just simply had second thoughts, we understand that sometimes life doesn’t go exactly to plan and we can help.