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When you read an “about us” page, you want to know a little more about, well us! 

You want to know about the people who grace these four walls each and every day. Who we are and what we stand for. After all, you’re entrusting us with some very important possessions. You want to know about our longevity. How long we’ve been in business, how long we’ve been a part of the San Diego landscape, and how long we are planning to continue our commitment to this great city of ours. You want to know what we stand for and our philosophy. If you’re about to start a life together with that important someone, you want to know that engagement ring, a ring that symbolizes the love you feel for one another, will be handled with care and attention to detail. If it’s a gift or a piece of jewelry you’re simply gifting yourself, you want to know the people across the counter understand your needs including your likes and dislikes. Because truly, at that point, it’s not about us. It’s about you.

The important things to know.

We’re a family business. A family steep in tradition, now going on to the third generation. A family business built on love, devotion, and the utmost respect for one another. In the very beginning, my father Harold worked solely with the trade, manufacturing and importing of diamonds. Later on, my father, and my mother, Joy decided to switch gears and go into retail and started this business in 1979. They not only started with a dream, they started it with some very clear direction. They would become “the” fine jeweler in San Diego known for their discerning collection of quality diamonds. In over 40 years, this direction has never changed. Believe me, I have accompanied them on several diamond-buying trips. We can (and have) spent endless hours sourcing and looking at diamonds to meet our exacting standards. And, I’m happy to say, they have passed down the importance of what it takes to curate that perfect diamond. I too find myself exhausting the search until I find the perfect one, be it a diamond or fine color gemstone.To say he and my mom, both of whom meet often with customers in our store, have instilled within me a great passion for the exceptional, is an understatement.

Ryan Krasner, owner of Harold Stevens Jewelers

So there you have it. I hope it was enough to wet your appetite to visit our newest showroom in downtown San Diego. Of course, there is so much more to share “about us”, but I hope to do it in person!

Ryan Krasner

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