DIAMONDS: They’re in our DNA
As direct diamond importers, Harold Stevens Jewelers has been buying & selling loose diamonds for over three decades. Each diamond is individually scrutinized for its light performance, brilliance and market value before being offered to our clients. We primarily carry GIA & AGS certified diamonds with the highest standards for, CUT, grades of Very Good – Excellent and Ideal. Our diamond inventory is meticulously hand-selected one-by-one, year after year.
At Harold Stevens, every loose diamond we sell is priced competitively with the largest online diamond retailer. The difference is that when you shop from our hand-selected collection you can visually compare multiple diamonds side-by-side, ask questions, and obtain a deeper understanding that diamond prices extend far beyond the color and clarity grades. It’s important to know; the single most influencing price factor, light performance (sparkle), of a diamond can never be accurately evaluated (seen) on the internet or in a GIA grading report. DIAMOND PRICES
When you buy one of our in stock diamonds in our diamond studio we want you to be confident that your selection and purchase will be enjoyed for a lifetime. That’s why we are proud to offer you the best diamond guarantee in San Diego. This guarantee could easily be worth thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your diamond! DIAMOND GUARANTEE
Did you know that a diamond with perfect color & perfect clarity could, nevertheless, have poor brilliance if it is not well cut? Harold Steven’s considers cut to be the most important property to note when choosing a diamond, no matter what shape or size. THE 4Cs