Loose Diamonds(2020)

Our diamond selection goes far beyond the 4C's...

Today, diamonds are too often purchased and sold based on their 4C's leaving the majority of customers unable to separate average from premium cut diamonds. With 40 years of international buying experience and the tools to asses diamonds we still refrain from buying a diamond without examining it first. Why? Simply put, the 4C's basic guidelines are not strict enough for financial comparisons. Harold Stevens has never bought a diamond based on solely on its GIA grading certificate, and neither should you.


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  • We stake our reputation on having a vast inventory of diamonds(natural & lab-grown) in all shapes, sizes, colors, clarities. In-stock and ready to be shown!
  • Private consults with one the top diamondtaires in the industry.
  • Human-centric experience that is far cry away from the traditional jeweler.
  • Open & honest discussions about diamond prices
  • Honest guidance from a well established and hard earned San Diego company



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