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San Diego Jewelry & Diamond Buyers

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Who to sell your old jewelry and diamonds in San Diego - Harold Stevens



At Harold Stevens Jewelers, we specialize in buying all types of diamonds and estate jewelry, as well as gold, engagement rings, loose diamonds, and new and used watches.

Our team has 100 + years experience evaluating jewelry for all factors that contribute to value; including history, craftsmanship, and market desirability. With direct access to a global network of dealers, our clients regularly obtain the highest return for their jewelry. In addition, we are here to make the process of selling your jewelry stress-free and a profitable experience for all clients. 

Our process involves a private meeting with our GIA Gemologist & Certified Appraiser, who will evaluate your jewelry and guide you through a confidential and personalized consultation. Click here to make an appointment to sell your jewelry. 

We will thoroughly examine each piece and review any corresponding paperwork you may have to determine the highest price possible for your jewelry. There is no fee for the consultation and no obligation to accept the offer. When an offer is accepted we will pay out immediately.

Our easy 4 step process:

  1. Set up an in-store appointment. Click here to schedule.
  2. We will assess each item.
  3. Discuss all items, and help client make informed decision. 
  4. Sell. We will make our payout quick and convenient. 


  • DIAMONDS - We buy diamonds in all shapes including; round, princess, oval, cushion, emerald, pear, heart shape and more. GIA, AGS & EGL certified and non-graded diamonds are acceptable. Many factors affect the overall sale of your diamond including; cut performance, color, clarity, weight and rarity factors.
  • DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGS - We will buy most diamond engagement rings, solitaire diamond rings, antique style rings, wedding band sets and much more.
  • DESIGNER JEWELRY - We buy Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Harry Winston, Bvlgari, Van Cleef Arpels, and other fine jewelry designers.
  • WATCHES - We buy Rolex watches, Cartier, Panerai, Chopard, Breitling,IWC, Blvgari and more.
  • ESTATE JEWELRY - We buy large estate jewelry and family heirloom jewelry.

As a leading jewelry store in San Diego, we invite you to schedule an appointment with us to find out just how much your jewelry is worth. Call 619-231-0520 for same day appointments, or click here to schedule online.


1. How long does the process to sell my jewelry take? Selling time may vary depending upon complexity and quantity of your jewelry. A visit to our office can result in immediate payment. 

2.  Do I need an appointment to sell my jewelry? We recommend you contact us for an appointment; we want to be certain that we can fulfill a client's needs and questions. Call 619-231-0520 for same day appointments, or click here to schedule online.

3. How is my jewelry evaluated? We take into account the demand & desirability of your jewelry. A few aspects which impact value are the designer, age, condition, and quality. We do not purchase jewelry based on weight, but as independent pieces of jewelry.

4. Do I need a GIA certificate in order to sell my diamonds? No, a GIA certificate is not required in order to sell your diamond. We frequently buy diamonds without any grading reports. It is our job to apply the same standards and grading techniques that the GIA uses in order to properly evaluate your diamond. 

5. How does your service compare to other gold buying companies? We are transparent, professional and have been assisting clients both in selling & buying jewelry since 1979. We specialize in finding value above and beyond its intrinsic value. Understanding styles, jewelry genres, gemstone quality and the best markets available for each item makes dealing with Harold Stevens invaluable.

6. Does my jewelry need to be in good condition? No, your jewelry doesn't need to be fixed or polished. It can be broken, chipping, and missing pieces. Any condition is great, and if you're not sure the piece is real, please bring the item in, we are happy to test it.

7. How will I be paid? We offer 3 payment methods; check, cash, or wire transfer.

8. Will you take the diamond out of my ring? No, it is not necessary. In some instances, if we feel the diamond is of a higher quality and if it makes sense to remove the diamond to grade it loose we will always ASK first.



We are affiliated with insurance companies; State Farm and Jewelers Mutual and have a rating of A+ on the Better Business Bureau for over thirty years.

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