Vintage Diamonds And Why We Love Them

Vintage Diamonds And Why We Love Them

It’s no surprise that we love all things diamonds at Harold Stevens. But, we have an affinity and special love for old European cut diamonds and what are considered older diamond cuts. There’s something special about them and we think they make the perfect choice for someone who appreciates that vintage and antique diamond look.

Many diamonds today are cut with precision machinery. Before that technology emerged in the early 20th century, diamonds were primarily cut by hand and used techniques that are not often used today. Vintage and antique diamond cuts possess the facet structure, shapes, and dimensions reflecting the design trends of those eras. Vintage diamonds generally feature larger facets, which provides that softer look.

Today, you will find many popular diamonds containing between 50 - 70 facets junctions. There are round brilliant diamonds with well more! All of this is dependent upon the cut.  A vintage diamond is very different with facets ranging from 24-58. Do not confuse the lack of facets for a lack of beauty. Nothing could be farther from the truth! This is why we are seeing their rise in popularity. Vintage diamonds are understated, but always remain elegant. 

Popular vintage diamond cuts:

Rose Cut Diamond 

The Rose cut diamond dates back to the early 1500’s and is considered one of the original diamond cuts. There are anywhere from 3-24 triangular facets. And, this diamond peaks to dome or kite-shape. It resembles a rose petal, thus its name! A rose cut vintage diamond is a great choice to maximize your budget with a much bigger look.

Rose Cut Diamonds
Rose cut diamonds  by Single Stone
Old European Cut This cut is considered the predecessor to what you know today as the round brilliant cut. It was created in the 19th century, and because it has 58 facets it has a little more brilliance. This cut has an amazing vintage appeal, and you can find them typically set in heirloom designs such as those from the Edwardian, Victorian, and Art-Nouveau eras. We love the contrast of setting these diamonds in contemporary settings! It’s by far a vintage-lovers favorite.
Old Mine Cut Diamonds These diamonds were popular during the 19th century and usually seen in the Georgian and Victorian eras. They resemble what you know today as the cushion cut diamond. Each diamond has a unique character, and this makes it a favorite for someone who is looking for a one-of-a-kind ring or piece of jewelry! They have a square-type shape which sets it apart from other vintage diamond cuts.
Why Choose a Vintage Cut? If you love a more antique and timeless style, these diamonds are perfect for you. They provide a romantic feel and better yet, you will have a diamond that is not similar to what is typically sold today. They are unique, classic and timeless.


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