Helpful Apps to Plan Your Wedding

Helpful Apps to Plan Your Wedding


Getting married in the month of June? Well, you are part of a large percentage of couples who do. In fact, 13% of all couples tie the knot in the month of June. There was a time the month of June was the #1 month to get married. The number one month now? Drum roll....October. Overall, summer is the second most-popular season for weddings with 31% of all couples getting married in the summer. Naturally, much of that comes down to the weather for the rest of the country. But, we’re a little luckier here in San Diego! 

Wedding apps have become an integral part of planning your perfect wedding. So, we thought we would provide you a little insight into some of our favorites! Some obvious and well known, and others maybe not!


Overall, The Knot provides just about everything you may need. We love their wedding planner, which can make planning your wedding a little easier. There are great planning tools like a checklist, budget, timeline and actual guest list manager. There are several vendor recommendations as well (although, many of these vendors are paid advertisers) and you can create your own wedding website directly from the app. 



Like The Knot, Zola Weddings has many of the same offerings. We also love that they have a Zola Registry, where you can create a comprehensive list of all the gifts you want without having to specify a store you want it from. We’ve heard Zola might be the best app to keep you completely organized. And, who doesn’t need that?


Some say Wedding Wire is one of the best apps to simply figure it all out! Like many of the others, they include a list planner, vendor manager, checklist, budget planner, and registry. One of the things we love about WeddingWire are the beautiful photo galleries, which include ideas for wedding dresses, flowers and honeymoons. Providing you ample ideas to help you focus on what you like!


Are you a list person? This app might be for you! With Evernote, you can take notes, make to-do-lists, create some reminders, and you have the ability to collect images you may find and web pages that interest you. All of your notes can be organized in virtual notebooks, organizers and planners!


If you are trying to figure out the color scheme for your wedding, you will love this app. It’s all about color. You can use their inspiration photos or your own photos. You can save your scheme within the app and refer to it when you're making all of those color choices for your perfect wedding!


As you know, almost every guest is taking their own photos at your wedding, and you never get to see them. With The Guest app, these photos can be automatically shared with everyone attending the event, including you! During the wedding, guests can use their iphone camera as normal and the photos will automatically upload - unless they chose to upload manually.  Plus, for anyone who could not attend, they get a chance to see all the photos and videos live while the wedding reception is taking place.


Ah, if only money was no object when it comes to weddings! Thankfully, there’s an app for that called The Mint. With The Mint you can keep track of your budget and all expenses in one place. So, even if you overspend a little, at least you will be on top of it all and making sure things don’t get out of hand.


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