Yellow Gold is Back From The Past

Yellow Gold is Back From The Past

GOLD: The Most Popular Precious Metal

 All that glitters, in the past, present and future of metals, happens to be gold in fashion essentials and engagement rings. Why? Gold is simply a classic and never goes out of style. According to fashion influencer The Zoe Report, they expect the trend to continue because as they put it, gold styles are “timeless, comforting staples that spark happiness.” And, who wouldn’t want that?

Gold Paperclip Chain

Paperclip Chains

In fashion, you can’t get any bigger than the paperclip chain. You’ll find the look in not only necklaces, but earrings and bracelets. Trending this summer for both women and men. In fact, this past holiday season, 14K gold and diamond earrings were featured on The Bachelorette. Another popular trend is bigger, bold pieces. Taking a page from the 1970’s playbook, these larger pieces rose to popularity from the wealth created by the oil and gas book in the south. Today, younger customers are looking for this jewelry because it simply feels distinctive - and yes, does project some level of wealth. What we love about the look is that, it too, is being seen on both men and women.

Our favorite look in gold jewelry is the trend that reflects a more contemporary look with geometric shapes and circles. We love the simplicity of this gold jewelry trend! We love the gold layered look in stacked rings and bracelets and Y-style necklaces.



Hexagon Gold Necklace

When it comes to engagement rings and bridal, yellow gold is making a huge comeback. Combined with the increased overall value in gold metal, we’re not only seeing an increase in couples choosing to go this route, we’re seeing designers stepping up their game producing some of the most unique gold engagement rings we’ve seen in a long time.


Gold, beyond never going out of style, offers a sparkle and shine not often seen in other metals. It has always been put on a pedestal because of its rarity and beauty. A fun history fact: The Mesopotamians and Egyptians were some of the first civilizations to use yellow gold for decorative purposes. It was used to adorn thrones and it was first made into jewelry well before it was used for currency.

Gold has a natural yellow hue while white gold and rose gold are just normal gold with other metals added. 

Yellow, white, or rose, gold is here to stay not only in 2021 but in the years to come. 

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