Should you spend two month's salary on a diamond engagement ring?

Two month's salary on a diamond engagement ring is CRAZY. We Agree! (A friendly disclaimer: While our answer might upset some people, we hope others will find it funny — and a relief.)

The short answer is… don't believe all the hype and noise around this sensitive subject.

Outside pressure from friends and family can place unnecessary stress on this exciting time in your life. Don't get me wrong—it's good to seek advice on designs. But no rules or guidelines should apply to this most personal decision.

When it comes to the dollars you're going to drop, you need to do what feels right — and what’s financially responsible.

We love helping clients find the most attractive diamond for their money. Whether your budget is $3000 or $15,000, it's part of our core values—and our core DNA—to do whatever it takes to make your diamond-buying experience joyful and stress free.

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