Vacation Tips For Traveling With Your Jewelry

Vacation Tips For Traveling With Your Jewelry

We can feel it in the air. Summertime is quickly approaching. Not only does the beautiful weather (let’s be honest, we have that most of the time) bring out the best in us, after being on lockdown for the better part of 2020, we’re hearing people getting ready to take some vacation time and do some travel. Whether it’s close to home or far away, there are definitely some things you will want to think about as you head out to enjoy a few wonderful days off!

Pack with care. Undoubtedly, you’ll be doing some packing before you head out the door. That being the case (and pardon that pun!) we recommend purchasing and traveling with a flexible, soft jewelry travel case or pouch. If you can’t find the perfect case, here’s a great tip: You can keep bracelets and necklaces from tangling by threading them through a straw! You can also wrap each item in tissue for added protection.

Inspect your jewelry. Prior to packing, summer is the perfect time to schedule an annual inspection of your jewelry. An ounce of prevention can save a ton of jewelry headaches. Stop by! At Harold Stevens we will check prongs; check your stones; ensure your clasp is working properly; and provide a thorough cleaning. Consider it a spa day for your jewelry! And, some piece of mind for you before heading out the door.

Wear it or carry-on. Never, never pack your fine jewelry in a checked piece of luggage. If you’re not wanting to wear everything you are bringing on vacation, then make sure that you put those treasures in your carry-on. Then be sure you never leave that carry-on anywhere that it’s not in plain sight. Even the overhead airline bins if you can help it. Keep it within sight at all times from leaving it with any bellhops to cab drivers.

Note: Most fine jewelry will not set-off airport alarms. If this happens, make sure you keep that jewelry in your sight-line at all times.

Insure. Insure. For anything of value, you want to make sure that you have your insurance and appraisals up to date. There are some policies that will vary if you are keeping some of those jewels in a bank vault versus wearing and traveling with it. Contact your insurance company to make sure you are covered. Some homeowners policies will not cover you when you travel if that's how you are insuring your jewelry. We recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance for personal jewelry coverage.

A picture goes a long way. Think about taking a picture of everything you are bringing and taking with you. This way, if anything was lost or stolen (we hope that doesn’t happen), you have the proper documentation with some brief descriptions to share with authorities. It’s always great to have a personal inventory.

When to wear or not to wear. It’s not always prudent to wear your jewelry for everything you might be doing on vacation. For example, if you’re doing any water sports, it’s best to leave your jewelry back at the hotel. Saltwater and chlorine definitely wreak havoc on your jewelry, but it can also easily slip or fall off while doing water activities.

Keep it safe. Which leads us to the actual hotel you are staying at. If you are traveling with fine jewelry always make sure ahead of time that your room is equipped with a safe. You would be surprised how many hotels no longer have this. If they don’t, rethink what you are bringing. And, ask them what they do have on the premises.

It all depends. It really depends on where you are traveling. There are certain areas of the world where it truly will be best to not flaunt your jewelry as it certainly makes you a target for robbery. Keep that in mind. One of the things to really avoid, is sharing pictures of yourself on social media on vacation wearing the jewelry.

Fake or real? This might be the time to purchase some costume jewelry that resembles what you own or simply what you like. Cubic zirconia diamond earrings can also look pretty real, and it just might be safer to wear those diamond studs than your real ones! Think about your engagement and wedding ring. Most people don’t take it off. Again, it might be prudent depending upon where and what you are doing on vacation, that you have an inexpensive, travel version.


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