Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds – Where to Buy in San Diego

Natural vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds – Where to Buy in San Diego

Lab-Grown Diamonds

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds? 

Lab-grown diamonds ARE real diamonds. While natural diamonds are formed in earth over millions of years, lab-grown diamonds are created in weeks using advanced technology designed to replicate the natural diamond formation process – no mining required. 

That's why lab-grown and natural or minced diamonds are indistinguishable to the untrained eye. Our 40+ years of experience combined with the latest detection technology enables us to identify a natural versus a lab-grown diamond fairly easily. 

They both have the exact same physical and chemical properties because the formation is essentially the same. The difference is that one is created in a lab and the other in nature. 

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Like Cubic Zirconias?

No! Cubic zirconias and other simulants are the real “fake” diamonds of the jewelry world, and there is simply no comparison between simulated diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Again, this is because lab-grown diamonds have the same ‘makeup’ as real diamonds – just made in a lab and not underground. Hide a lab-grown diamond within a pile of cubic zirconias and you’ll have no problem spotting it among the fakes. 

Does Harold Stevens Carry Lab-Grown Diamonds in San Diego?

Yes! Our global network of diamond suppliers means we have access to any type of diamond – natural or lab grown – and our personalized service ensures you’ll find the perfect diamond for you.

Learn more about the loose diamonds we carry in our San Diego location.

Simply let us know if you’re looking for lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond and we will ask you a few questions about size and color and then provide a customized selection of options to present to you. Our only goal is to help you find your perfect, unique diamond match. The choice between lab-grown and natural is up to you. 

Do Lab-Grown Diamonds Increase in Value?

More people are now aware of lab-grown diamonds as alternative to natural diamonds than ever before. As a result, demand for lab-grown diamonds is on the rise and we expect the trend to continue. Lab-grown diamonds are especially ideal for those who want a larger diamond but at a lower price and because it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between natural and lab-grown with the naked eye, it’s a great option for many. 

The only concern we have comes from the perspective of being a jeweler who is committed to helping you maintain the value of your collection – whether you plan to pass your pieces down through the generations or sell them in the future. 

From that perspective, we know that the price of lab-grown diamonds is decreasing and will continue to do so as the technology becomes more omnipresent. This decrease in price means the value of lab-grown diamonds will decrease as well and this makes us slightly skeptical about the future lab-grown diamond marketplace.

In truth, though, most people purchase diamonds because of what they represent – the symbol of a diamond. In that case, what matters most is the meaning surrounding the stone, not its monetary worth. 

Of course, a diamond is a very personal choice and there are many considerations. But if value for your money is important to you, you might want to consider a natural diamond over one that’s lab-grown. 

How Do I Choose?

Think about what’s most important to you:

Is it the love the diamond represents? In that case, a high-value natural diamond may be the right choice. 

Is it having a larger stone? In that case, a lab-grown diamond may allow you to move up in size without breaking your budget.

Is it knowing your diamond was sourced with minimal environmental impact? In that case, you might consider a lab-grown diamond, but do consider the fuel and energy output required to create lab-grown diamonds.

In short, the perfect diamond for you depends on what matters to you, and there is no wrong decision. Our only desire is to help you find the diamond that’s right for you – and one as unique as you are. Whether that is a lab-grown or natural diamond is a personal choice.

Why Harold Stevens for Diamonds?

The majority of loose diamonds sold today fall within what’s called the “classic” to “low” range on the light performance scale which measures the stone’s brilliance, fire, sparkle and symmetry. 

At Harold Stevens, we only sell diamonds that fall within the “ultimate” and “premium” light performance scale and which have GIA/AGS certifications and cut, polish and symmetry grades of “very good” to “excellent/ideal.” 

In short, when you purchase a diamond from Harold Stevens – whether it’s natural or lab-grown – you are assured your diamond will be of the very highest quality. 

Are you ready to shop diamonds? Then, we’re ready to help you find the perfect one. Schedule a visit to our studio and let’s get started!

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